Grace News & Announcements

Advent ~ From Darkness to Light! 

Worship services at 8:00 (traditional) and 10:45 (contemporary)
December 2nd: Hope!
December 9th: Love!
December 16th: Joy!
December 23rd: Peace! 
Christmas Eve Services will be held at 6:00, 7:30, and 11:00pm.
Communion will be served at all services. Our children’s pageant will be presented at the 10:45 service on 12/23. 
Advent Calendar Devotionals are available here or you can pick up a copy in the narthex!

Deacon Allison

With joy and thanksgiving, we look forward to Deacon Allison beginning her permanent position at Grace on February 1st, 2019. Watch for upcoming details on the date of her installation!
Many thanks to all who attended our congregational meetings. Deacon Allison has added so much to Grace already–our monthly Healing Service, the upcoming “What is the Bible” book discussion group, daily devotionals right to your email each morning, and more–and we look forward to welcoming her in this permanent capacity! God is good! As always, we have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Season!

ELCA Good Gifts

Beginning December 2nd, the Christmas tree in the narthex will be decorated with ornaments that represent ELCA good gifts. You’re invited to select & purchase ornaments representing the gifts you’d like to give to those in need. The prices of the ornaments range in price from $10 to $150. Ornaments will be on sale before and after each church service via cash or check. (Checks must be payable to Grace Lutheran Church and marked Advent in the memo line.) Then take home the ornament as a reminder of your significant gift of Christmas love.
Why not choose an ELCA good gift this season to help people in need?

Year End Contributions

To receive credit in 2018 for contributions, they must be in by the 12/24/18 collection. Contributions received at the church office after this time will be dealt with on a best efforts basis.

Interfaith Connection

All are welcome to join the Interfaith Connection group as we strive to engage with other faith traditions in larger service to our community. Contact Deacon Allison Wilcox with any questions!

Carry Out Hope

Royersford United Methodist Church (380 Church Street) is offering “Carry Out Hope”, with free carry-out lunches on Mondays from 11:30am-1pm. Lunches include a sandwich, chips, dessert & bottled water. Please enter through the glass doors at the lobby entrance on Church Street. All are welcome!

Give Blood in 2019

Mark your calendars to give the gift of life: January 8, April 9, July 9, and October 8, 2019!

December Worship Services & Special Events

Sat., Dec. 1—Prayer Vigil, 10AM-4PM: Sanctuary
Sun., Dec. 2—First Sunday of Advent 8:00am Traditional Worship & 10:45am Contemporary Worship 9:15am Grace Place Sunday School & 9:30 Adult Sunday School
Tues., Dec. 4—Council Reports Due 7:00PM Healing Service: Sanctuary
Sun., Dec. 9—Second Sunday of Advent 8:00am Traditional Worship & 10:45am Contemporary Worship 9:15am Grace Place Sunday School & 9:30 Adult Sunday School
Tues., Dec. 11—Council Meeting: 7PM in the Parlor
Sun., Dec. 16—Third Sunday of Advent 8:00am Traditional Worship & 10:45am Contemporary Worship 9:15am Grace Place Sunday School & 9:30 Adult Sunday School
Sun., Dec. 23—Fourth Sunday of Advent 8:00am Traditional Worship & 10:45am Christmas Pageant 9:15am Grace Place Sunday School & 9:30 Adult Sunday School
Monday, December 24: 6 pm Worship for families with young children 7:30pm Contemporary Worship with praise band, candle lighting & children’s sermon (preaching service) 11pm Traditional worship; choir & candle lighting (preaching service)
Sun., Dec. 30—First Sunday of Christmas 8:00am Traditional Worship & 10:45am Contemporary Worship 9:15am Grace Place Sunday School & 9:30 Adult Sunday School

December Worship Assistants

Trustee: Joe Kamertz
Communion Assistants
8:00 Marie James, Rose Nixon, Glenn Peak, Judy Stryker & Zach Miller
10:45 Carol Marchesanie, Kathy Mills, Carol Ferguson & Roxanne Troiano
8:00 Joe Curran, Ken & Jan Slack, Michael & Rita Walter
10:45 Danny Gonzalez, Mike & Trish McGarry, Mindy & Phil Coath
8:00 Kathy Horning, Dave Fritz, Kurt Meyers, Brittany Staub & Rich Aust
10:45 Jean Mizas-Floyd, Tina Meredith, Maggie Finnegan, Tracy Bracale & John Snyder
8:00 Jim Campbell, Richard Harshaw, Jackie Perry, Kathleen Parker & Donna Wanamaker
10:45 Dan Feist, Tom Sheehan, Kim Fretz, Amy & Barb Barattucci
8:00 Debbie Moore, Susan & Dave Firering, Joe & Deb Kamertz
10:45 Danielle Lau, Stephanie McMullan, Shawn Alloway, Deb & Mac Fritz
Acolytes/Crucifers & Torch Bearers
12/2: 8:00 Christopher F./James F.
10:45 Eric M./Grace B.
2/9: 8:00 Alaina M./Gracyn M.
10:45 Aiden O./Sam L.
12/16: 8:00 Pooja A./Lily G.
10:45 Connor F./Eric M.
12/23: 8:00 Lily G./Ashley R.
10:45 Max N./Caroline M.
12/30: 8:00 Abby C./Pooja A.
10:45 Kenny B./Gavin S.
Tech Table
12/2: 8:00 John 10:45 David Mull 12/9: 8:00 Gene 10:45 Dan 12/16: 8:00 David Fritz 10:45 Jim 12/23: 8:00 Ken 10:45 Barb 12/30: 8:00 John 10:45 David Mull
Counting Teams 12/2: Team C, Ken Slack
12/9: Team D, Will Moyer
12/16: Team
12/23: Team F, Patty Esslinger
12/30: Team G, Kurt Meyers
Altar Guild: Joe & Debbie Kamertz
12/2: 8:00 Dennis Stuckey/Jim & Gloria Bauer
10:45 Matt & Maggie Finnegan/Karen Brown
12/9: 8:00 Helen & George Schad/Mike & Rita Walter
10:45 Bev & Skip Meitzler/Suzanne O’Neill
12/16: 8:00 Phil & Julie Plotts/Roz Capor
10:45 Dan & Angela Feist/Renee Holdsworth
12/23: 8:00 Dave & Susan Firering/Richard & Peg Shiley
10:45 John Krais/Carol Ferguson/Tammy Jordan
12/30: 8:00 Murray & Elaine O’Cain/Wilma Ries
10:45 Darrell & Karen Lewis/Marianne Claypotch
12/2: Team 6, John Groff
12/9: Team 1, Rick Pennypacker
12/16: Team 2
12/23: Team 3, David Fritz
12/30: Team 1, Rick Pennypacker
12/2: 8:00 Becky Fretz 10:45 Jack Claypotch 12/9: 8:00 TBD 10:45 TBD 12/16: 8:00 TBD 10:45 TBD 12/23: 8:00 Joy Fraunfelter 10:45 Dave Fritz 12/30: 8:00 Deb Kamertz 10:45 Sandy Kulick
Children’s Sermons
12/2: 8:00 Danielle Lau
10:45 Brenda Johnson
12/9: 8:00 Jackie Perry
10:45 Kelsey Hlavac
12/16: 8:00 Jack Claypotch
10:45 Jack Claypotch
12/23: 8:00 Karen Asbert
10:45 No CS
12/30: 8:00 TBD
10:45 TBD
Children’s Church
12/2: Roxanne Troiano
12/9: Reichers
12/16: Amy Stebner 12/23: No CC/Pageant
12/30: Karen Thomson
Tot Spot
12/2: 8:00 Becki Fretz 10:45 Jennifer Ruiz 12/9: 8:00 OPEN 10:45 Kim Fretz
12/16: 8:00 Peg Shiley 10:45 OPEN
12/23: 8:00 Judy Stryker 10:45 Mandy Gonzalez
12/30: 8:00 OPEN 10:45 OPEN
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