Our Story

Turn the clock back to 1889. Royersford is a small rural town with farming and manufacturing. There is no Lutheran Church in the town. The nearest congregations are located in Spring City, Limerick, or Trappe. Travel to church is by foot, by horse, or by carriage. On November 25, 1889, thirteen people meet to discuss the formation of a Lutheran congregation in Royersford. Three months later, the first Lutheran service in Royersford is held in the town hall.
The first building, “the chapel,” was built on Walnut Street and consecrated on May 8, 1892. As the congregation grew, a larger building was needed, and the present sanctuary was built on the corner of 6th Avenue and Main Street. The existing place of worship was consecrated on March 2, 1902. Through the years, the congregation renovated its worship space several times, and added a parsonage (1938), an education building (1958), and a welcome center (2009).
Grace’s history has been shaped by determined and faithful people seeking ways to worship God and live out the mission we were called to in Christ. For over 125 years, Grace has been a strong community presence in our sharing of God’s love. Today, our buildings are used for Sunday worship and faith formation, and also by the community for daycare, scouting groups, AA, and more. Our members are seen volunteering throughout the SpringFord community as we live out our mission statement!

Our Mission


Growing, loving, serving

by Grace through Faith.