Summer Youth Leadership Camp ’23
Leadership camp will run Sunday, August 13th – Friday, August 18th at Grace Lutheran Church.
This camp is open for anyone who has completed 6th through 12th grade. Friends are invited. 

Monday through Friday: 9am – 2pm
            *lunch provided*


  • Monday and Tuesday, we will explore who you are as a leader. We will be taking an enneagram test, Myers-Briggs, and strengths finder test. We will be playing team building games and help you explore what type of leader you are.
This year we are excited to invite back one of our previous leadership camp attendees who has run with her passion of recycling and taking care of the planet!
Monday, August 14th, at 2:30pm, in the All-Purpose room of Grace, youth and adults are invited to a Reuse and Recycle workshop hosted by Alexandra Sullivan
  • Wednesday, we will explore advocacy. What will define advocacy and what kind of advocacy are you passionate about. We will tie in your leadership style with advocacy work. On Wednesday we will have speakers from different places to help speak to what youth can to do help change the world and why your voice is so important.
  • Thursday, we will dive into faith. Where is God in the world, in places that need advocacy? Where is God calling you to advocate? As Christians, are we called to advocate? Where is our Lutheran theology leading us, how do we walk alongside people we are advocating and fighting for?
  • Friday, we wrap it all up.
Register HERE
*$30 per person registration fee required to cover lunch costs*