News and Announcements
Mark your Calendars!
August 5 & 12 – Join the Discernment Team for conversation about our ministries, strengths, needs, and future staffing options.  We really want to hear from everyone, so please try to join us for one session!  We’ll meet after the 8:00 service, and after the 1045 service on both Sundays – you only need to attend one!
August 26 – Our Church Picnic & Pool Party!  More information will be provided soon about this annual event – to be held at 9 Oaks!
Welcome New Members!
On June 24th, we are thankful to God to have received the following new members. Please extend a warm welcome, say “hello”, and introduce yourself over the
next few weeks, as they get to know folks!
Carolyn Janda & Brett Stork, Brandon Kitchens, Beth & Steve Matzke, John Nimmerichter, Sarah & Shaun Nye and their children Elliana, Weston & Owen and Donna Wanamaker. Welcome to the Grace
family, to all of our newest members!
Monthly Healing Service
Beginning July 3, Grace is offering a
monthly service of healing for those who desire a quiet, reflective space for healing, restoration, and community. Deacon Allison Wilcox will lead the service, which will take place on the first Tuesday evening of each month at 7:00 pm, in the Sanctuary.
This worship service is open to those who are seeking comfort or even simply peaceful respite from a chaotic world.
August 7th
September 4th
October 9th
November 6th
December 4th
Church Camp Scholarships
Grace Lutheran Church Scholarship Forms for Lutheran Summer Camps will be available again this year. Please stop by the church office, call or email to request a form. To be considered for a Summer Camp Scholarship from Grace, fill out the form & submit it to the church office, by Aug. 31st. Scholarships will be awarded in the fall; amounts awarded depend on scholarship money available & number of
applications received. Only one church scholarship per camper, per year will be awarded. Checks will be mailed directly to the address listed on the form, sometime in the fall.
August Worship Assistants
Communion Assistants
8/5: 8:00 Joe Curran, Ken & Jan Slack, Mike & Rita Walter
10:45 David Mull, Gary & Celeste Peteritas, Shawn & Margie Alloway
8/12: 8:00 Judy Stryker, Dave Fritz, Kurt Meyers, Brittany Staub & Richard Aust
10:45 C. Marchesani, K. Mills, C. Ferguson, R. Troiano & A. Baratucci
8/19: 8:00 J. Campbell, R. Harshaw, J. Perry, K. Parker & D. Wanamaker
10:45 Barbara Baratucci, Mike & Trish McGarry, Mindy & Phil Coath
8/26: 8:00 Debbie Moore, Joe & Deb Kamertz, Susan & Dave Firering
10:45 J. Mizas-Floyd, T. Meredith, M. Finnegan, T. Bracale & D. Fritz
Acolytes/Crucifers & Torch Bearers
8/5: 8:00 Pooja A./Lily C. 10:45 Connor F./Connor F.
8/12: 8:00 Gracyn M./Kiersten I. 10:45 Grace B./Eric M.
8/19: 8:00 Ashley R./Ashley R. 10:45 Ryan F./Kenny B.
8/26: 8:00 James F./Christopher F. 10:45 Sam L./Aiden O.
Counting Teams:
8/5: Team B
8/12: Team C, Ken Slack
8/19: Team D, Will Moyer
8/26: Team E, Denise Staub
Tech Table:
8/5: 8:00 John 10:45 Barbara
8/12: 8:00 Gene 10:45 Dan
8/19: 8:00 John 10:45 David Mull
8/26: 8:00 Ken 10:45 Jim
Altar Guild: Joe & Debbie Kamertz /Patty Esslinger & Debbie Fritz
8/5: 8:00 Mary Steiner/Phil & Julie Plotts
10:45 Dan & Angela Feist/Renee Holdsworth
8/12: 8:00 Rick & Anne Pennypacker/Dennis Stuckey
10:45 Darrell & Karen Lewis/Marianne Claypotch
8/19: 8:00 John & Hilde Holms/Gladys Pouchan
10:45 Tom Sheehan & John Krais/Judy Lukens
8/26: 8:00 Glenn Peak/Murray & Elaine O’Cain & Karlee
10:45 Bev & Skip Meitzler/Suzanne O’Neill
8/5: 8:00 M. Rehrer 10:45 G. Marchesani
8/12: 8:00 M. James 10:45 A. Lacey 8/19: 8:00 D. Kamertz 10:45 S. Leonard
8/26: 8:00 A. Pennypacker 10:45 P. Lebow
Tot Spot
Summer Tot Spot Schedule 10:45 Only
8/5: OPEN
8/12: OPEN
8/19: OPEN
8/26: Amy Baratucci
Children’s Sermons
8/5: B. Johnson
8/12: S. McMullan
8/19: J. Lukens
8/26: D. Lewis
8/5: Team 1, R. Pennypacker
8/12: Team 2
8/19: Team 3, D. Fritz
8/26: Team 4, J. Bauer
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