MN HS Mission Trip 2017: Wednesday, July 19th


Today was the big community cookout! It was lots of fun being able to interact with the kids over dinner, and playing with them on the park. We also danced to a drum circle. I saw God in the adults that brought the kids, since they let the kids go in front of them, and we’re very polite, even if they didn’t have enough food.

~Nathan McMullan



MN HS Mission Trip 2017: Tuesday, July 18th

On Tuesday morning my crew, turtle river, went to kids club at dream catcher park. When we arrived the children were very energetic and thrilled to see us again. After kids club finished, we went to another work site called, adult day services where we helped clean buses for the seniors. We also played pool noodle hockey & sang karakoe with some of the residents. In the evening our church group went to leech lake and I swam in it! No leeches! I saw god in the youth and the children, the quick connections and bond that was created.

~Abby Coath



MN HS Mission Trip 2017: Monday, July 17th

Today was July 17th which was my birthday. I started my celebration bright and early at 6:30am with breakfast prep! Then I ate a bagel, which was okay since I burnt it a little in the toaster, then made myself a hoagie for lunch. After breakfast there was a meeting about what to expect during sports camp. Then at sports camp I played with this little girl, Haylie, and also got beat up by a 9 year old boy named Anthony. We ate lunch around 12 and left. Then we had another meeting about our high and lows of the day. Later in the day we went to Andie and Jess’s house and learned about Native American history. It was really interesting and I also bought a homemade dreamcatcher from their daughter. Overall I eat this day as an 8. I saw God through all the children and get closeness they had with each other.

?~Lily Coath


MN HS Mission Trip 2017: Sunday, July 16th

We woke up at 8am at the church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We got breakfast at Caribou coffee. After that we went back to first Lutheran Church and attended their service, which started at 10am. They were welcoming and excited for us to be there. We then went to Chipotle for lunch before starting our about 3 hr drive north. We arrived at the school that we would be staying at for the next few days. We first unloaded the van and got situated in our rooms. After that we had dinner which was sloppy joes, mac & cheese, baked beans, and salad. Then we had our youth orientation which consisted of “speed friending”. The youthworks leaders asked very random questions like, “what type of ice cream most describes your life?” After that all the adults came in and we had our first large group gathering. We sang, prayed, and watched videos about youthworks and a singer/songwriter who created a song a out God. Then we got together as a church and talked about our high and lows, as well as what we are excited and nervous for. Then it was time for lights out.

I saw God in many ways. The people at first Lutheran were very nice and appreciative of what we were doing and wanted to learn more. Then when we were at Chipotle, a man there prayed before he ate his meal. Then once we got to the school, the leaders were really friendly and helped us settle in. I also saw God when He got us to all the places we needed to go safely.



MN HS Mission Trip 2017: Saturday, July 15th

July 15, 2017

This morning we woke up at 9:30 and left the church at 10 to travel to Minneapolis. We took the light rail to downtown Minneapolis where we had a delicious lunch. After our meal, we took another light rail all the way to the famous Mall of America. Our first adventure was at Sea Life where we learned all different types of facts about all marine life. After sea life, we went up to the Minnesota shops and bought our youth leader a shirt to show our appreciation towards her. When we were done on the very top floor, we went down to get delicious frozen yogurt. While two of the youth and one of the leaders wanted to continue shopping, the rest of us kids and Kelsey went down to ride a roller coaster in the Nickelodeon Universe. After the thrill of the ride, we left the mall and went to Pizza Lucé for a very filling dinner where we talked about our day. We saw God in all different, but very unique ways. Some of our sightings consisted of when many people were asking and talking about our thrivent shirts or when people were holding the door open for us with welcoming smiles. I was personally changed today by seeing how thankful i should i cherish my life or to cherish special moments and seeing how beautiful the world is when you put down your cellular device.

~Sydney Floyd



MN HS Mission Trip 2017: Friday, July 14th

July 14th 2017 – MN Mission Trip
This morning we met at 5:30am to drive at 6am to the church in which we will sleep tonight and tomorrow night. We passed through 4 states. Sydney and Abby kept count of the different license plates we saw, totaling up to 34. Our God sightings were when we saw the beautiful landscapes and sunset in Wisconsin and the towering mountains in Ohio and Illinois. We stopped once in each state to use the restroom and get more food. We also saw God when numerous people came up to us and asked us about the mission trip and where we were going. We also met a service dog in Ohio named Maverick with baby blue crystal eyes that made our day better.