MN HS Mission Trip 2017: Monday, July 17th

Today was July 17th which was my birthday. I started my celebration bright and early at 6:30am with breakfast prep! Then I ate a bagel, which was okay since I burnt it a little in the toaster, then made myself a hoagie for lunch. After breakfast there was a meeting about what to expect during sports camp. Then at sports camp I played with this little girl, Haylie, and also got beat up by a 9 year old boy named Anthony. We ate lunch around 12 and left. Then we had another meeting about our high and lows of the day. Later in the day we went to Andie and Jess’s house and learned about Native American history. It was really interesting and I also bought a homemade dreamcatcher from their daughter. Overall I eat this day as an 8. I saw God through all the children and get closeness they had with each other.

?~Lily Coath

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