ELCA Youth Gathering Houston, TX – Monday, July 2nd, 2018

This week was hard for all of us at the youth gathering. We all went through the good and bad times but ended on a good note at the end of the day. Today was our chill day and we went to the pool and hung around the hotel. This week at the gathering we struggled with the heat, the lines, and finding something to do. Triumphs were surviving the days and seeing the good we all did in one way or another. The place I saw God today was in the people working at the airport enjoying their job as they get to communicate with so many different people from all different countries. This week was one of the best weeks of our lives and one that we’ll never forget. Thank you to the congregation for donating money and helping us get to and from Houston for this chance to come and serve this community.

– Sam L. & Gracyn M.


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