ELCA Youth Gathering Houston, TX – Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Saturday- Synod Day

Today was Synod Day at the gathering. Our day started off with us getting to the lobby at 7:00 to get shuttled to ihop. Once we were finished eating we walked to the hotel where our synod day activities were being held. During that time we volunteered to be the ushers. Throughout the time there we had many jobs. This included being greeters, blessers, handing rocks that were inscribed with Jesus, handing out note cards as the offering, and giving communion. After that we were shuttled to the NRG Stadium for mass gathering. We got there early so we were able to get floor seats. Mass gathering was really fun and enlightening with all of the guest speakers. The singers were also inspiring because of their passion, optimism, and hope with continuing their faith. They share their experiences and beliefs with others to encourage others to not shy away from being yourself because you are exactly who God intended to create.

‚Äč- Kali K & Lily C


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