MN HS Mission Trip 2017: Thursday, July 20th

This morning we woke up at 7:00 and went to eat a breakfast containing of cereal and breakfast burritos. Around 8:50 we left to go to our service site, which was a house that had a lot of trash and a burnt down house right across the street. Our group, turtle river, worked very hard on our last day of service and we made each other very happy and grateful. When we arrived home, Gracyn, our new friend Julia, and I went outside with our other friends Max and Erik to play frisbee and to hula hoop. After an hour of fun, everyone went to Paul Bunyan park to do a scavenger hunt, which we did not win. Our team name was P.Neff. One of the pictures below shows a P & N and our team!

It was very sad that our last full day was coming close to an end, but that didn’t stop our fun. When we got back to the school we were staying at, we had our large group gathering to reflect our day and to pray for safe travels for the day to come. When we closed the gathering, we all got into our church groups. The YouthWorks staff washed Mike’s and Kelsey’s feet and prayed over them. Affter our leader’s feet were washed, they wased our feet and prayed over us as well. Then, we went to all the YouthWorks staff and washed their feet which they were very grateful for. Half of us were bawling our eyes out, knowing we were never really going to see our friends again. Justin, one of the YouthWorks staff prayed with passion as we closed out of large group.

?We saw God in ways we haven’t seen him before. One way was when we gave two little girls our popsicle sticks and in return, one of them squirted us with her water gun.

?~Sydney Floyd


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